Why learn music theory?

Today, many people are looking to learn music for their own knowledge. But, do you really know why to opt for music theory? Find out in this article, the reasons why music theory becomes essential to know.

Learning music to sing with your voice

There are two main benefits to knowing music theory. To learn more, continue reading this. When you master music theory, you have the opportunity to sing very well. Mastering music theory allows you to understand the piano score. This last one gathers the bases of the music. Thus you will know what the staff, the treble clef, the bass clef and the note are. With these four components of the piano score, you will be able to hum a pleasant song.

In addition, the knowledge of the solfege will allow you to work your musical ear. If you are in a choir for example, you must be able to recognize the scales of the sounds emitted by the choir master. This can only be possible if you master the piano score.

Learning to play musical instruments

The second benefit of knowing music theory is mastering learning to play musical instruments. A musical instrument allows you to transcribe musical notes. So, to use it well, you must be able to know what the musical note is. As a result, the knowledge of the musical note will allow you to decipher chords and scales. You will then be able to distinguish between a treble clef and the base clef on the instrument you are playing.

Furthermore, mastering the tempo or musical rhythm will allow you to know how fast to release your music. This is as true for the musician as it is for the instrumentalist. It is therefore obvious that learning music theory is essential for those who want to sing or play a musical instrument.