What type of transportation should I choose for an emergency medical evacuation?

A family member has had an accident, or is seriously ill and is on the other side of the world, in a region that does not offer adequate care. Don't worry, thanks to a medical evacuation, your loved one can be transported as quickly as possible to a hospital that will guarantee the appropriate care. Learn more in the rest of this article.

What is medevac?

Medical transportation, also known as medical evacuation, is the act of moving a sick, injured or living person suffering from a pathology from a given location to a safer place to receive the appropriate care. Such a case presents itself in the total care of the individual until his recovery. There is a big difference between Medical Evacuation and medical repatriation. Medical repatriation is the return to the country of people living abroad who seek care.

What type of transportation should I choose?

The choice of transportation is a decision that must be made in advance to avoid any disappointment. A medical evacuation is a risk in itself and to make the right choice, you must take into account the distance to be crossed and the health condition of the individual. You can choose air evacuation: a plane or a helicopter. Ambulance flights or medical aircraft is a very organized medical evacuation. This means of transportation has enormous capacity, first in the grouping of modern medical equipment, and also in its ability to transport one to several patients at a time. An air ambulance minimizes the distance to travel and is ready to provide emergency care if necessary. It is a suitable means of transportation for people seeking urgent medical help.