What do you need to know about Artemisia?

Artemisia is a plant with medicinal value that is coming back to the forefront more and more in recent years. It was used in ancient times to combat certain ailments and diseases. In Africa, an infusion based on this plant helps to fight malaria.

Artemisia: Common wormwood

Artemisia or also Armoise, the plant exists in two varieties. The one that should interest you first is the common mugwort. Scientifically called Artemisia, its source is found all over France. You will find it on roadsides or on wasteland. Its medicinal utility was revealed to the world, a long time ago. In particular, it was used to eradicate several evils. It is about its emmenagogue properties which allowed to stimulate the blood flows. 

It makes it possible to attenuate the pains due to the rules at certain women. Indeed, by stimulating the muscle of the uterus, the blood which flows with difficulty is done more easily and thus more pain. The common mugwort plays another role in the organism like facilitating the digestion for example. It fights stomach aches, gastric spasms and all kinds of intestinal disorders to which the human body is subjected.

Artemisia: Annual mugwort

Scientifically called Artemisia annua, it is a plant of Chinese origin. It is commonly called Qing Hao by the Chinese and is prescribed for intermittent fevers. This plant is subject to restrictions in some countries and therefore in France for example it is not authorized. For Chinese medicine, it recognizes many benefits to this plant. 

It intervenes in the balance of the internal temperature. It allows to evacuate the heat in you when you have been exposed to the sun for a long time, it refreshes the blood and in passing stops the bleedings. From the scientific point of view, it contains a molecule that is artemisinin that is often used in the design of anti-malarial treatment.