The best Minecraft server plugins of the year

A Minecraft plugin is a set of scenarios that reform and improve the game experience on the Minecraft server. So, to make sure that players have a latency-free experience and respect the community rules, you need to opt for the best plugins. With this in mind, we have decided to present to you in this article, the best plugins of the year.

Modern LWC

LWC modern is one of the best plugins. This plugin is based on the abandoned LWC. It is mostly used to put locks on safes and doors. You can read here about plugins here. Indeed, this plugin has a lot of features especially the definition of passwords and the modification of the persons authorized to close or open a door. The most interesting thing is that modern LWC is able to prevent griefing on your server. A special aspect to consider to have this plugin.

Essential X

This plugin is among the most versatile and easy to use with other plugins. With this plugin you can create kits for each player and a controlled private messaging. It also offers you other possibilities like creating a command view, chat mail formatting and also command reload. Moreover, with Essential X, you have the ability to customize the chat aspects and much more.

The ShopGUI 

The Minecraft server has a kind of store where each player has the free choice to pay or sell editorials with the server economy. Indeed, this plugin is designed to be able to create a store that every player can access no matter where they are on the server. It is an extremely easy plugin to configure. That's one of the reasons why it's on the list of best plugins.

The plugins mentioned in this article are the best plugins of the year. These plugins improve the level of your Minecraft server by offering the newest features. Get these plugins and enjoy them.