Primasia: let's discover this structure

You are a young entrepreneur and you dream of setting up in China, Hong Kong or even Singapore. You should know that there are companies that specialize in supporting entrepreneurs who want to set up in one of these countries. This is the case of Primasia, which we invite you to discover in this article.

Legal support

Primasia Corporate Services Ltd is one of the rare companies that make business support an absolute priority. Indeed, having been established in various countries for many years, Primasia resolutely works to enable companies to set up easily in China, Hong Kong or Singapore. This support takes several aspects into account and we will present them to you here. First of all, it is legal support for the installation of your company. In fact, in countries such as China, Hong Kong or Singapore, the jurisdiction in force with regard to setting up a company is quite complex. It is therefore necessary to benefit from the support of professionals in order to be able to pass this stage with complete peace of mind. Primasia understands this and offers to take care of all the legal procedures required to set up your company. All you have to do is provide the necessary information and Primasia will take care of the rest. But the support of this structure does not stop at the legal level, it goes much further than that.

Technical support

A company is not only legal, it is also technical. And when it comes to technical matters, Primasia also lends you a helping hand by ensuring that you can benefit from substantial support. It already helps you choose your seat, which is very important. It ensures that the chosen location will allow you to benefit from a certain visibility. Also, depending on the type of company, Primasia ensures that you can create a website to increase your visibility. Finally, depending on the case, Primasia is also willing to help you with the recruitment of your company's staff.