My business in Asia : All about the importance of a company secretary in Singapore

Any company set up has to take time to recruit the people needed to run it. This time is not allowed when it comes to recruiting a company secretary. In this article we will discuss the importance and role of company secretaries.

The appointment of a company secretary

In Singapore a public body is responsible for registering financial reports, accountants and also companies. It is important to note that both private and public companies are required to recruit or appoint a company secretary. The secretary general is appointed immediately after the appointment of the company. If you click here you can find out more about the role of a company secretary. The deadline for appointing a company secretary after the company is formed is 6 months. The role of the company secretary is to control and check all administrative papers in the company. In fact, when appointing a company secretary in Singapore, the person in charge is obliged to take on a company secretary. The secretary must be a professional in his or her field and in addition, he or she must be qualified. It should be added that the secretary must have his residence in Singapore.

The role of the company secretary

The company secretary of a company has several roles that he has to perform. He is the second person apart from the manager of the company who has huge responsibilities. First of all, he has the role of controlling or even setting up the meetings of the shareholders and directors. Not to mention reminding the company's managers of the deadlines for the annual report. The updating of the company's documents and books is his responsibility. A company secretary has many roles, which is why it is important to get someone qualified and experienced if possible. ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) has set up a system called Know Your Customer. With this system, the company secretary has to send papers every time he or she has a new member in the company.