How to learn to write numbers correctly in French?

Learning to write French numbers seems like a simple skill for French speakers but a rather complex task for learners of this language. Indeed, it is important that everyone masters the writing of these figures in order to avoid errors which could be costly. Likewise, it will allow you as a learner to improve your accuracy and confidence in writing numbers in French. In this article, you will discover how to learn to write numbers correctly in French.

Master the pronunciation of numbers

One of the most effective ways to learn how to write numbers is to have a thorough understanding of their form and pronunciation. Discover the writing in letters of the french numbers 1-100 here. Thus, despite the same form of numbers in French as in English, their pronunciation poses a problem because it differs considerably. For example, the number 4 in French is pronounced Quatre and the number 10 is pronounced Dix. 
Moreover, in some contexts, only the final consonant of numbers is pronounced, while in other cases, the link is made with the word that follows. Sometimes even these last consonants are not pronounceable. By learning the French language with precision French numbers, you can easily get used to their sound when you listen to them regularly. It will just lead you to improve your pronunciation. In addition, mastering the pronunciation of these numbers would benefit you in life because it can help you when shopping, booking tickets.

Truly knowing their shape

The second step in learning numbers in French is to know and respect their form. Indeed, the figures written in English as in French are written in the same way, with some exceptions sometimes.
For example, the number 17 in French is made up of the number 1 which is written with a vertical line. As for the second number 7, it is written with a horizontal line. It is essential to correctly learn the writing and form of numbers in French by practicing regularly with examples. 

Avoid Common Mistakes

To write numbers correctly in French, you must try to avoid common mistakes at all times. To do this, you must then necessarily focus on the details and check every number as you write them. Common mistakes can cause numbers to be written upside down or lines to be omitted.
Which could make reading comprehension difficult for other people. For example, the number 9 in French can easily be confused with the number 6, as they have similar loops. Also, it is important that you train regularly so that you can improve your muscle memory and ability to write numbers.

Apply yourself regularly

Regular practice of writing numbers in French is the basis of a well-learned skill to improve your ability in professional fields. To make it easier for you, resources are available to practice writing numbers in French. You can find mobile applications that will allow you to practice writing numbers in French in an interactive way. You can also use textbooks to improve your number writing skills in French.
Likewise, by regularly practicing writing numbers in French in real-life situations, you can improve your speed and accuracy. It is also essential to focus on the technical aspects of writing numbers in French, such as the shape and size of the numbers. By working on these technical aspects, you will be able to write numbers in French that are clearer and more professional.