How to invest in Google stock?

When choosing an asset to invest his savings, a wise investor will certainly pay attention to the stocks of successful companies.  One such company is the transnational corporation Google, founded in 1996. Read this article if you want to invest in Google stock.

Discovering Google

Google is currently the most powerful search engine in the world.  At the same time, the service is free for users. This is the original idea of the developers.  This became possible thanks to the competent monetization of advertising with the help of some services. Continue reading the article to learn more about alphabet stock. They allow publishers to monetize their content and entrepreneurs to find potential customers with a minimum investment of time and money (pay-for-performance advertising).  In 2017, the company's advertising services brought in more than $90 billion in revenue, but that's not the only source of profit.  Google is an active investor.  More and more customers are using the services of the Google Cloud service and the volume of sales of Chromebook branded devices. And Chromecast media players is also growing.  

Dynamics and prospects of Google

Google executives are running a successful business and offer the opportunity to earn a lot of money for their shareholders.  Proof of this is that in all 15 years of circulation on the world's stock exchanges, the share price of the holding company has not fallen below the initial estimate, on the contrary, the quotations are increasing year by year.  If the initial value of Google shares in 2004 was $85, then in October 2019, they are already trading at $1200.  If a contingent investor had made an investment of $850 (10 shares) 15 years ago, today he or she could earn 14 times that for their $12,000 sale. The momentum continues to be positive.  Note that investing in Alphabet has proven to be twice as profitable as investing in indices.