How to create a free chatbot for more conversion on your website ?

The chatbot is very essential for the communication between a company and the customers. It is a better way to bring together the customer and his provider, very effective. What is the chatbot? What are the steps to create a free web chatbot for your website? Discover in this article, the necessary information on this subject.

What is the chatbot ?

Also called conversational agent, the chatbot is a system promoting the exchange between a company and the Internet users. This communication is done on a messaging platform. In other words, the chatbot is this message box programmed by an avatar to provide automatic responses. For more information, look at this site.

What are the steps to create a free chatbot for a website ?

 There are several ways to use the chatbot program. For example, you can create it on social networks such as: Facebook, WhatsApp. It is also possible to create a chatbot on a website such as WordPress CMS. This last possibility is more advantageous as it allows you to optimize the efficiency of your websites. To create your chatbot for free on a website, you need to go through a whole process.
First, you proceed to the definition of the chatbot's objectives. It is indeed the place for you to project yourself in the future, to make available to customers the stake of your chatbot. This preliminary allows you to orient the customer on what you intend to do with the chatbot. Secondly, you move on to the search for platforms that can give you the free version of the chatbot. This phase is very delicate. The ideal platform that we recommend is Botnation. Lastly, the use of some specialized tools is important in the creation of your chatbot. We will talk about just a few of them. Hubspot Chatbot, first of all, is a good tool that helps you schedule meetings, discussions between you and the customer. Crisp, finally is a tool that brings you solutions that can improve your customer service. These two tools play a big role in the conversion on your website.