Everything you need to know about the latest time-lapse camera technology

Cameras like Enlaps offer a new way of looking at the world of photography. This recording also provides a visual representation of special effects. Surprisingly, these cameras can also record in slow motion, which is a really useful feature. However, it is when the film is projected that the magic happens. Discover the incredible progress made by modern image cameras.

Physical characteristics of a time-lapse camera

Enlaps cameras are state-of-the-art equipment that meets the requirements of today and tomorrow. They are available on the market and why not check here to choose one? First of all, the camera is well protected from the weather, as it is IP66-rated. The lighting is not affected by rain or snow. 

This allows the photographer to capture the moment, regardless of the weather. No matter how long the recording takes, the time-lapse camera delivers stunning results. In addition, it has two lenses that can capture subjects from the side at an angle of 220 degrees. 

This means that the photographer can combine multiple shots from both sensors into one. Its robust battery makes this possible, and its autonomy is respectable. It is completely independent.

Technical specifications of the time-lapse camera

Technological advances in 6K and 4K Ultra HD resolution make it easier to capture compelling subjects. The expert could also choose between two different recording methods for the subject. Choose either JPEG or DNG format. However, a mixed capture is up to you. The image can be saved in the cloud, and what is more, it can be saved in JPEG format. 

You can save them to an SD card in DNG format. In addition, the camera has a GPS system that can determine the location from which the pictures were taken. Initially, however, you need to connect it to an application of camera-centric history . This way, you can easily navigate from any connected device.