Cross-country Skiing at Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Mont-Saint-Hilaire is one of the nine Montérégie hills located near Montreal in southwestern Quebec. If you want to do some activities on this beautiful mountain, you have the possibility to go cross-country skiing, a very popular discipline. Read on to learn more about this fabulous mountain sport. 

The Different Aspects of This Sport 

Take a trip to mont st hilaire for a thrill. There are two different phases in the movements of this sport :

 - The propulsion phase that will give you the impulse to go forward

 - The gliding phase which will allow you to maintain your speed

Having classic cross-country skis adapted to your size and your technical level is essential to progress. 

Don't hesitate to read our article on how to choose your classic skis. The propulsion phase requires a grip with the forefoot. Transfer all your weight on your impulse foot in order to get a good grip on the snow. 

The impulse must be strong to transfer the most energy to the front. Push on your momentum foot as long as possible. At the end of the drive, transfer your weight to the opposite leg to begin the glide phase. 

During the gliding phase, try to keep the momentum from the propulsion phase as long as possible. Keep your weight light so as not to put the holding area of your ski in contact with the snow. 

Other possible techniques 

There are other techniques to adapt to the terrain of the slope: The Simultaneous Pushing Very used in long distance on the flat, the simultaneous push consists of propelling yourself by pushing on your two poles at the same time. 

One will then try to keep the speed during the gliding phase. The Pas De Un in Classic For the rising false flats, the pas de Un in classic style is a mixture of alternate steps and double push. 

Perform a single leg push and then a double push with the Poles. The Canard The canard is used on steep climbs and when the restraint system is no longer sufficient. Climb with the canard skis either walking or jumping to go faster.