Checking your contact base: why is it important?

Although social networks have been widely popularized during this decade, emails have not lost their value. In the formal business setting, they remain and are still essential. Disseminating offers to a wide range of serious prospects is one of the advantages. This mode of distribution can be a real one for you if you master its functioning. However, for more efficiency, it is necessary to regularly check your contact base for more effectiveness. Find out why in this article.

Check that your messages are reaching their targets

Checking your contact base and the information, statistics in it is a good way to evaluate your productivity. It is, in fact, not interesting to send emails every time to prospects who may never receive your messages. Keeping your list clean at all times should be paramount. It allows you to have an idea of which customers are often interested in your offer and when. Therefore, it is information that allows you to make an assessment for better performance in the future.

Save money and focus on serious prospects

As highlighted earlier, there is no point in sending messages that will never land in any inbox. You'll spend a lot on result fees for ultimately little results. On the contrary, by checking your contact base, you identify the right addresses and focus on them. In the end, you will spend little while optimizing your investment. It's all about focusing on the essentials and ignoring bias.

Avoid being considered a spammer

The email network is very strict about unwanted messages. So sending lots of messages to uninterested people or invalid addresses is likely to alert your ISP. These messages are known in the jargon to be called ''spam'' and spammers quickly integrate in the famous black list. An element that may greatly affect the distribution of your emails that will now be very monitored.