All About Passenger Location Forms

If you are planning a trip, you may have noticed that some countries require you to fill out a document called a passenger location form before you leave. A passenger location form is required by many countries to gain access to their territory. These forms appeared with the health crisis and are required in most European countries before a trip. 

What are they for ? 

Have a look at Passenger Locator form to have more information. These forms, also called "passenger locator forms" are "used by national health authorities to facilitate contact tracing in case of exposure to an infectious disease during international travel by plane, boat, train or bus." 

Through these forms, States wish to "protect the health of travelers and their contacts, while limiting the wider spread of infectious diseases." 

What are passengers asked to do ?

The tracking form typically asks for : 

 - information about their trip and means of transportation 

- personal information 

- contact information 

- permanent address 

- recent housing 

- their temporary address 

- travel companions

- Emergency contact information

Where can I find the locator form ? 

For most countries in the European Union, these forms can be retrieved via the EU Digital Tracking Cards website or application. It is also possible to obtain them directly on the website of the countries that require them. This is the case, for example, for England, which is not part of the Union but which also requires this document. 

Greece also requires a form since this summer. Another example is Cyprus, which requires a Cypriot air pass, found on the government website. To travel in the context of an epidemic, it is strongly recommended that travelers visit the portal of the diplomacy of the country of their destination. 

By entering the name of your destination, you will obtain all the conditions of access to the country in force. With the Christmas vacations approaching, be sure to check there before booking your tickets. Passenger Locator Forms help ensure the safety of travelers and natives.