Alcohol + energy drinks: a bad combination

More attention during the day, athletic endurance and almost unlimited physical performance at night in the disco: energy drinks are very popular, especially among young people. The other side of the coin: if they are used “inappropriately”, they can be harmful to health. Because the stimulating effect that is really sought after can be accompanied by unpleasant side effects such as palpitations, nervousness and restlessness, especially in the case of excessive consumption and/or when drinking alcohol at the same time.

Effects on the body

The stimulating effect of energy drinks can mask one's own level of alcoholism. Fatigue, which normally sets in with increased alcohol consumption and protects the body from intoxication (poisoning), is masked. The result: when drinking alcohol and energy drinks at the same time, people drink more alcohol than they can tolerate. This information can be verified by visit homepage. Anyone who thinks that energy drinks can compensate for the motor and visual impairments caused by alcohol is mistaken. In studies, subjects could no longer realistically perceive their ability to react. Accidents while crossing roads or driving a car can result.

How to mitigate the problem

Consuming alcohol and energy drinks together is therefore urgently not recommended. Because the use of energy drinks for performance enhancement poses a risk of overconsumption and exceeding recommended consumption guidelines, warnings should be placed on the packaging. A warning should be given about the undesirable effects of consuming large quantities of such drinks in connection with intensive physical activity, or against the simultaneous consumption of alcoholic beverages. In addition, it should be mentioned on the packaging that these drinks are very harmful for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women, especially when taken in large quantities.