3 tips for installing a bathroom exhaust fan

If you feel you can't breathe after taking a nice, hot shower or bath in your bathroom, it's time to know how to install an exhaust fan. Find out in this article some tips for the installation.

Choosing the type of extractor

Most people have a penchant for centrifugal fan extractors that they can easily attach to the ceiling. This is not the only type of extractor, you can also choose between self-regulating or an automatically controlled fan. It is also important to review the voltage of the fan you choose to make sure it is not too high or too low. For more details, go to these guys. You will also need to think about the airflow speed when choosing the fan size. When installing an extractor hood in a bathroom, you will need a fan that can handle 6 to 8 changes in airflow per hour.

Creating an opening in the ceiling

To place your exhaust fan, you can use the space where the skylight is installed. In case there is no opening, you can make your own opening. So measure the fan and make sure you have some room to manoeuvre. Your duct kit will necessarily be useful for your own opening. It is therefore advisable to start small and make the hole bigger if you need to, as it will be very difficult to deal with a hole that is too big.

Mount your Fan and attach the vent to the nearest soffit

. To mount your Fan Box, you can use a steel bar hanger to place the box that your fan will sit on while connecting to exposed joists. After attaching the mounting bracket, you then need to attach the rubber to it. So, find the best soffits available and follow the instructions in your kit to connect the pipe to the vent that is outside the soffit.